Welcome to my website
Having a strong background in Linguistics/Programming and after graduating from the MSC programme on Computational Linguistics, I’ve decided to build a website with all the application/tools (and future ones) that I developed/will develop over the years.

During my studies I became interested in automatic summarization (check out the Portfolio section, where you can download a summarizer for Romanian and English language) and machine translation, but I didn’t neglect the other subfields either.

With over 10 years of experience in programming (multiple languages but mainly in Delphi) it is clear that almost all the applications are written in Delphi. Some applications may require the installation of a Firebird database server (which can be downloaded from this site).

I hope that this website will give you an insight in the wonderful field of Computational Linguistics and that you will find the applications/tools useful for your own study. Most of the applications are free.

If you want to build custom application for free, please let me know as I am always happy to transform a paid application idea into a free version.
Whith this wiew in mind, if you liked the site or found some of the application usefull, please make a small donation to support future tools and applications.
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If you found the software applications/tools usefull, please make however small contribution
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